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In reviewing the previous year I realized that there are some key things I did that shifted my business. Here are 17 of them.

1. I had a very pretty new header designed by It made my website more vibrant and gave my brand a polished new look. And even though I spent most of January, 2016 trying to figure out how to change the menu bar color in my Genesis theme, I finally got help and overall I’m pleased with the outcome and all of the people who stopped by to visit.

2. A friend of mine sent me the link for Duolingo. It’s a website and app (you can use either) that teaches you the language of your choice. I’m currently working my way through Spanish and look forward to learning French. It’s fun and what I love the most is the visual and audio aspect of it as well as the fact that they not only teach you to speak the language but write it too.

3. I created a plan for my wealth as mentioned in Zari Banks’ Wealth Modules (there are 6 in total). I mapped out how I’ll get there and what I’ll do/build/create once I get the influx. I’m ready to receive my wealth.

4. I’m all about productivity. Through a group I belong to I found out about Tiago Forte and his course Get Stuff Done Like a Boss, to increase your productivity. He’s made the full course available for FREE on YouTube.

5. I attached my SixFigureYourPassion Facebook fan page to my Twitter account so that it posts automatically and then purposely started spending less time on social media so that I could produce more. You can do it too click here.

6. I did a monthly assessment on social media and disconnected from those people who aren’t benefiting me, following me back or truly interested in networking with me (with a few exceptions). I use ManageFlitter for Twitter and InsTrack for Instagram (not sure if it’s available for Android).

7. I started taking mid-day breaks and making myself a yummy snack and either turning on the tv to watch a girlie show that I know that my husband doesn’t want to watch when he gets home, reading one of the books in my stack or just putting on some music. This lightened the load in ways you wouldn’t believe as a business owner. I’m currently enjoying Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands and Loveworks: How the World’s Top Marketers Make Emotional Connections to Win in the Marketplace.

8. I finally put together a bunch of affordable business tools for those who keep saying they really can’t afford coaching with me. My Top 10 products are here. You can pick and choose what you purchase based on your needs and get a quick and easy download to start using and seeing results right away.

9. I unsubscribed from tons of mailing lists and catalogs that I didn’t even know I was on using the quick tool Whew! It’s so much easier going into my inbox now and finding emails that I actually want/need right away.

10. I discovered some very knowledgeable and influential people in business and started following them on social media.

11. I increased my prayer life drastically. I mean instead of 30 minute intervals I’m going in for hours–like 2 hours, but it’s a vast upgrade.

12. I spent the majority of last year creating a FREE 30 Day Six Figure Challenge–you can take the challenge here.

13. I decided to create a payment plan for those who desire six figure coaching one on one with me. My goal was to work with more people who had passion and unique ideas without putting any constraints on their budget.

14. I love plugins. That’s one of the major benefits of using WordPress. I added a couple of new plugins to my business website and made sure that the ones I had installed were updated to the latest versions so that the user experience is seamless.

15. I started networking the old fashioned way–face to face. I attended a few intimate get togethers to get to know more people where I live–sometimes you have to get out from behind social media and show them who you really are.

16. I released a book on money titled “Bring Me Into A Wealthy Place” that is a key tool for a passive income coach like me.

17. I connected with a branding coach who has worked with BIG BRANDS and could assist me with reaching millions. It’s working!

As you can see, a few tweaks here and there is sometimes all it takes to SHIFT your business and brand in the right direction. What are YOU going to change this year about your business?