Fronto (Android Only)

I downloaded Fronto on my Android device. Fronto is a screen lock app. Installation was pretty simple. One installed a tutorial popped up. They basically walk you through what you have to do to earn point. The points you earn can later be “redeemed” for cash to your Paypal account or Amazon Rewards or Gift Cards. Points are easy to accumulate because they offer you large number points like 300 points or 400 points for downloading apps that you’d probably want to download anyway. The quickest way to earn 1250 points is to go to the app on your phone, click “settings” and then when you scan down to the Referral section you’ll see: “Have a Promo Code?” – simply click on it and add “SIXFIGURES” and you’ve got yourself 1250 EASY points.

The more friends you invite the QUICKER you can earn points and the quicker you can turn that into cash, however, you don’t have to invite friends to earn. You can earn by watching videos, reading articles or just waiting for the bonuses they apply to your account for just being a faithful user. If you’d like to invite friends and earn quick, that’s easy to do as well. Under settings scan down to the Referral section and you’ll see: Invite Friends – simply click on it and then click on “Customize Code” to create your OWN referral code. You can invite friends to join via text, email and even tweet it out to Twitter and share it on Facebook. Make sure you give your friends the code that you’ve created. For every friend that joins using your code you’ll BOTH earn 1250 points! First threshold payout is at 15,000 points!

Please Note: Some apps once downloaded will have to be opened and “activated” before points are awarded. Read the details of each offer prior to downloading.

JOIN FRONTO NOW! (Don’t forget to use code “SIXFIGURES” to claim your 1250 points!) 



Viggle (iOS, Android)

I downloaded Viggle and it was pretty simple to use. When I launch it, the app starts listening for whatever you are doing. It kind of freaked me out. It knew just from the sound of the television that I was watching Married at First Sight and it brought it up on my device and issued me points immediately. I also gave me the ability to save the show I was watching to my favorites. This app is great for those who either watch a lot of television, those who listen to a lot of music or both. They also have bonus times where they amp up the earning. One example is below:

Ongoing 2015: February 2 – December, 2015: HGTV Top Fan – Check into any HGTV program, 8pm-11pm ET/PT, & receive 4X bonus. Play along with ViggleLive, & be qualified as one of 50 Top Fans for each month, to win more!

Viggle’s referral program is simple–get 1000 points for every friend that joins and your friend gets 1000 points too for joining. Note your “friend” MUST checks into a show or match a song to get those points. But it appears as if people are still earning quickly. When you log onto their website at you can see why. They have a list of shows that people want to watch that can earn them BIG POINTS. I got 5,000 points just for joining and checking into ONE SHOW and their top tier product an iPad Air 2 redeems at 2,062,000 points (which is pretty steep) but you can still get   everything from gift cards, music and ebooks for much less than that. The gift cards I will say seem to be out of stock on a consistent basis. When you click on the gift card tab nothing even comes up.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of points and rewards that you can receive using this Viggle app.

  • 24,500 points = Popular eBook downloads
  • 32,500 points = Music and soundtrack downloads
  • 40,500 points = Popular Movies like Kinsmen, Ironman 2 etc.

The rewards and point amounts change. Make sure that you check the “Rewards” page for the latest info.

Also, right now I’m only getting an abbreviated list of friends and some of the people I wanted to invite to the app aren’t coming up so there is no way for you to both claim your 1000 points unless you personally invite them. I don’t mind that though because it’s easy to earn quickly with Viggle.

Ready set Viggle!



Perk TV (iOS, Android)

I downloaded Perk TV. It’s a platform that earns you points for various things including watching videos, app trailers and movies trailers. The thing that I liked is that they convert points to Paypal gift card. Honestly, if it can’t translate to money for me, I don’t need the app. I don’t mind a restaurant gift card–they have many including Steak ‘n Shake and lots of retail vendors including Gap and Old Navy however, for me it was awkward to use. I would constantly try to bypass a screen and it would accidentally go to the download page. Several times I felt as if they were forcing me to download an app. I had to restart my phone several times and each time it would come back to the “If you like PERK TV, you might like” page where I was stuck and couldn’t do anything at all. You can earn rewards when your friends join, so you’ll both get points. If you use my code: da4c05ad you’ll get an instant 500 points. It seems like it’s easier to get coins than it is to get points. I watched several videos and each one only earned me 1 point. My initial goal was the $5 Paypal gift card, however, you need 9,000 points to get that. It may work for you but I’m not impressed.


My favorite of them all is VIggle. They appear more developed, they have online Twitter support and people are actually sharing pictures of the prizes they are getting in the mail. At any rate, if you aren’t busy using your phone, these are some ways that can earn a little green.