When I launched the #GYDreams2016 and #FaithScope hashtags on Periscope in late July I was shocked at how many people with products, books and services hadn’t heard about Persicope, but was more shocked by those who had heard about but still hadn’t download it or tried to figure out how to use it. Why? Because it’s such an enormous way to reach people and garner mass attention for anything that you’re doing in business or life in general.

CNN reported that, “One million users joined Periscope in its first 10 days on the iPhone app store.”

CNN says, “The whole concept of Periscope is to virtually pick you up and plop you somewhere you would never be if it weren’t for the app.”

Here are 7 reasons using Periscope could be making your business money:

1. It’s a brand new platform. You’ve already read that it was reported that 1 million people came on board in the first 10 days that Persicope was available.Periscope Has 3X More Influencers, 39% More Repeat Usage vs Meerkat (a competing platform). You always want to take take advantage of a new platform, learn it, master it and make it work for your brand while it’s new. When you come in on the tail end of a trend, chances are marketers have moved on to the next shiny new object or in this case app or platform and your business won’t get much traction from it.

2. Video is a captivating plaform. It engages people. It’s easier to talk about what you do, where people can find you and the benefits of what you offer than to write about it. Video also makes selling more personal. When people buy they buy into you the person before they purchase, so, the chances are higher that you’ll sell your products and services when someone can actually see and hear you.

3. Cross-Promotion. The ability to cross promote your Periscope broadcasts to Twitter and use hashtags is amazing. Teams can support each other and promote each others broadcasts to reach a wider audience. More audience increases the amount of potential clients you can reach than trying to do it on your own.

4. Real Time and Play Back. The real time and play back options for Periscope are awesome. Even if you can’t watch a “scope” LIVE you can always catch it later by clicking on the name of the person’s whose broadcast you want to watch or clicking the link to a shared broadcast. This means that you can still share your event, tips and everything else and when customers and clients plug in to your usefulness, they’ll possible get on board for everything else you know too.

5. Interactive. The interactiveness of Periscope is what makes it so FUN! Watching live or playbacks of broadcasts you simply tap the screen repeatedly to give HEARTS to the person’s broadcast you’re watching. This is telling them that you LIKE or APPRECIATE the information that they’re sharing. You also have the ability to click SHARE to share a broadcast with others after you’ve watched. Thanking people for sending hearts and engaging them makes the experience personal for them. Engagement drives sales.

6. Community. Periscope is a movement, a community. You can meet so many amazing people who just want to see who you are and what you offer. There are all women communities, faith-based communities like ours and black owned communities. The sky is the limit. Just go searching and plug in where you fit in. Sometimes it’s not always about sales, sometimes it’s just about meeting new people and discovering new opportunities too.

7. Teamwork makes the dream work. Scoping solo is okay and you can get maybe 10-14 viewers that way, but the true benefit and MAXIMUM exposure comes from finding a community you can scope with that comes out to lend not only viewership, but they HEART your broadcasts to increase your popularity and help make you a PERISCOPE SUPERSTAR! A community broadcast has the potential to max out your broadcast in the hundreds and even thousands!

Want to “scope” with us? Find us on Facebook at “” to get added to our scope schedule and watch our broadcasts on Thursdays using the hashtags #GYDreams2016 and #FaithScope and don’t forget to follow me @MissPrincessDom.

See you on the scope!