Here are some of the top questions I receive from those in business or those who are ready to launch and start building income streams. I’ve answered them and provided ways that you can connect with me, my tools and my knowledge. If you still have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I really need assistance with a (business/book/conference/webinar) but I can’t afford coaching with you yet. Can you help?

While I cannot coach you for FREE, I just made flex pay options available for coaching clients, however, it’s limited to only 10 clients per year and right now there are:




Flex Pay breaks up the original coaching fee into 12 monthly payments of $173 and you get 4 full 60 minute sessions (1 session each quarter) to lay the groundwork, implement and launch your business or idea. Click here for the breakdown of what else you get or lock in your FLEX PAY spot with your initial payment here.

If you are in need of FREE business advice or help as you move forward on a business idea or growing an existing business, take a moment to check out some of my blog posts here. They will help get you get started as I write on a variety of topics from blogging and business to time management and passive income. If you are seeking low cost information to assist you in business, you may want to check out some of my books in the savvy series like The Savvy Mogul’s Manual, The Savvy Blogger’s Manual and The Savvy Author’s Manual for starters. The variety of topics I cover in these ebooks delve deeper into specifics that may assist you with the help you need to launch out there in a BIG way with your idea as well as monetize what you know and help you to start seeing profits. They are each less than $10 too and can be accessed here. I also have digital and audio downloads that you can access here.

What if I just need to ask you ONE QUESTION? Do I still need a coaching session?

Yes you do. Your time is valuable and my time is valuable too. I teach my clients how to make passive income. I teach clients how to build a MASSIVE Facebook page. I teach them how to reach their target audience and I know how to activate you to get going QUICKLY! The majority of people who start with ONE QUESTION normally have additional questions that follow. My advice would be to lock in the coaching package here or initiate your FLEX PAY here (subject to availability). I’m more efficient than Google.

I have an idea and want to launch a business but I’m not sure if to go with your Complete Coaching or Basic Coaching. What do you suggest?

I’ve recently updated my services and every tool from the Complete Coaching Package has been rolled over into the Basic Business Coaching Package–it was my most popular package. Please note that these coaching packages fill up months in advance! Click here for more information on how to get started today. 

Additionally, I’m currently working on a group coaching platform that will offer 24 hour a day access 365 days a year to members. I will be pouring EVERYTHING I know into this platform. It will be much more detailed (videos, audios and coaching power calls) and will equip you with everything you need to launch your Six Figure Business as well as your Million Dollar Business. That means that when you’re done you’ll be ready to go straight into the marketplace with your idea/service/product with no hesitation and no guesswork on how to reach those who need what you have. It’s called the Six Figure Monetization Master Class.

How soon will your group coaching platform become available?

It’s being built as I type this, but the launch is expected in Spring, 2018. I’m recording tons of videos that will walk you through my six figure journey and give you access to what I’m doing to reach millionaire and billionaire status. I’ve also lined up amazing business coaches that I’ve partnered with to teach you how to get from where you want to go and will give you a map to access to your MILLIONS too! Join my mailing list here to get notified as soon as it launches. You’ll get my passive income freebie too when you subscribe!

I have a completed book, can you help me get it published and making money through a coaching session?

Yes, if you lock in a coaching package I can assist you with getting in stores as well as teach you how to launch your own branded publishing company that will create multiple streams of income for you for years to come. Get more info here.

Do you have any recommendations for a good editor for my book?

I have several people that I HIGHLY recommend for editing:

Michelle G. Cameron is a friend–she’s awesome!

Lita P. Ward-I’ve heard nothing but good things about her.

What about publishers? Do you know of any reputable companies that can assist me with my book?

I recommend the following companies that I’ve assisted with launching:

Holistic Livin Publishing

Rain Publishing

I’m not sure if I want a publisher. I’m considering doing it myself. Is self-publishing hard?

No. It’s not hard, but you just have to be willing to put some time and effort into what you want to accomplish i.e. editing, getting the book formatted, cover design, setting up distribution etc. I wrote an article titled, “Self-Publishing Versus Traditional Publishing Which is Best?” that may help you decide which way you truly want to go.

Do you assist those who want to be a coach like you?

Yes. I’ve walked several entrepreneurs through launching successful coaching businesses (without the need for certification) and I’m working on a coaching specific certification program as well, where you can access the latest tips, tools and products for coaches. Join my mailing list here to get notified as soon as it launches. You’ll get my passive income freebie too when you subscribe!

Do you have any specific tools on how to merge faith and business successfully?

Yes, books. They’re coming soon–no later than the Summer of 2018. 

What about resources and services that you would recommend to other entrepreneurs?

I created a resources page that will give you insight into the tools that I “actually” use myself and would recommend to others for the day to day operation of your business. You can access my recommendations here.

What I need help with is not business related–do you offer assistance with marriage preparation or spiritual growth?

Yes, I offer spiritual mentorship and marriage mentorship as well. If you’d like one on one with me concerning marriage, preparation for marriage or just growth in spiritual things the cost is $45 for 30 minutes–you can make a payment here. After you make your payment you can book a convenient time with me here.

If your questions aren’t answered here please feel free to email me.