One thing I’ve learned in business is that no matter what you do, there are people who will ask, “How did you do that?” More than just a few people have asked me how I got started coaching and the answer isn’t very complex. I started once I had something that I knew I could show people how to do.

So, how did I get started as a business coach? It was a 4-step process.

I did it first. Let me explain. Rewind, back to 1998 when I published my first book. It was a novel. I promoted it like a master PR entity and word spread rather quickly that I knew what I was doing. Long before my book made it to the 10,000 copies sold mark I started getting emails from seasoned authors, aspiring writers and everything in between wanting to know how I’d done. They wanted to know what my “secret” was to book success, especially in an age where the term “self-published” still seemed to be frowned up.

I showed people how for free. I remember wanted to be nice and so I answered a few questions and shared with authors that I knew a nice chunk of what I was doing and who I was contacting to get my book through the distribution chains and the authors I didn’t really know I shared only part of what I was doing. Sometimes I got a thank you, sometimes I didn’t get anything, not even a complimentary copy of the author’s book. But what I discovered was, the more questions I answered the more questions I got and then I realized that maybe I should start charging for all of this information so I started putting a basic book promotion course together (the majority of this information can now be found in The Savvy Book Promotion Manual).

I started showing people how for a fee and started officially coaching. Finally I decided to launch an online book marketing course. In the course I taught the registrants everything I had done to make my book a success. What I hadn’t counted on in the process was learning so much about business. But even if you have a book, you still need to look at it as a business, because a business in essence is the way that we make money and survive day to day. The more I learned about business, the more questions I seemed to get about that as well and then a light bulb went off–I was coaching.

I continue to keep my coaching skills polished by gleaning from other coaches, reading books, going to conferences, webinars and seminars. A coach by definition is a teacher in an area of expertise and that’s what I was doing. However, remember a coach is only as good as the fruit that is active in their own lives. If you’re a money coach you should be able to teach your clients how to produce money or make multiple streams of income. If you’re a business coach, you should be teaching your clients how to be proficient in business. If not, then you may need to garner more information on the how to’s of the business by way of courses, books, webinars and the services of other coaches you admire before you venture out and start charging a fee for your services.

In addition, as a coach the more skilled and in demand you become, your fees/rates will naturally increase accordingly. If you need a structure or set up that will work for you out the gate I can give you a neat set up that I use. My fees are affordable. Click on the box to the right of the page and book a quick 15 minute call with me, then you’ll be ready to go out there and teach your clients to be great!