It was 1998 and I was a single mom, a full time student and frustrated at my 9-5 job as the secretary to the director of occupational therapy–but I was a believer. I believed that God could deliver me from having to take the bus in the snow, rain and enduring the frigid ZERO degree winter weather of New York City as my means of provision and in the process miss key moments in my teen son’s life. I didn’t know what I wanted Him to do exactly, but I know I needed a break from what seemed like a non-stop cycle on the hamster wheel of life and a check every two weeks that made laugh ever time I looked at or tried to spend it.

I prayed for God to free me from the 9 to 5 so I could be more available to my son at home. And what did God do when I earnestly prayed that? He freed me from my 9 to 5 and I self-published my first book that went on to sell lots and lots of copies (10,000 to be exact making me a 6 figure earner) without even really realizing it because my focus was just to keep pushing my book to whomever had eyes and the desire to read it.

I still had to do my part to get there. It wasn’t magic and many people ask me how I did it. Well, first I had to have the determination to start and complete it and then believe that it would be successful no matter what. By “it” of course I mean what I was led to do–write a book. Your “it” can free you. That means that even if what you’re launching isn’t a book like mine was, if you believe, you will see the fruit of that belief. I diligently wrote the book every single day on my lunch hour until it was completed, released the book and promoted not because I wanted my book to appear on legitimate best seller lists (although it did that too) but I promoted because with each sale came revenue and revenue is how I ensured my son and I would eat.

You see, I was tired of trying to inject a man into the place of provision that is God’s alone and expect him to provide, give me money or help me pay my bills when I wasn’t in a marriage covenant with any of them. I had friends who did that regularly (lining up several men so the month’s expenses were paid with ease) but having to exchange sex or even my time wasn’t worth it to me. So, when I did my part, God did His part. I wrote it (the book), and He made sure that wherever I promoted it–that it got noticed–all the way to the Michigan Citizen landing on the same page as Judge Greg Mathis announcing his new judge show. All these years later we’re both still here–him on the tv deciding cases and me, releasing books, but now coaching others how to do it too, so they can avoid the pitfalls.

I say to you, leaving my 9 to 5 wasn’t about MONEY it was about releasing me from what I felt was bondage so that I could be freed up and go forth in my calling. I wanted to be a better Mom and a better writer, yet all the while I had no idea God was pruning me to be more than even the people around me thought I could be. See yourself how God sees you. Your gifts will indeed make room for you.