I recently had the most horrible time trying to format my book for print. I thought it was formatted perfectly, however, when I got an email from the printer I realized that the way I had it set up was totally wrong and those settings cut off the top part of the page and wouldn’t allow the page numbers at the bottom to fit the 5.5 x 8.5 book cover that I paid to have designed.

So, I went in search of the right way to do it and this formatting strategy below is what I found. It walks you through how to format the margins BEFORE you convert it to PDF. This has been foolproof for me and I’ve recently started reformatting all of my books and sharing this with clients as well.

Here’s the thing, you must re-convert your Word document first before it’s converted to a pdf.

Standard Word documents are 8.5 x 11 so you’ll have to change it to make it fit.

  1.  In your document, go to the File link and click on it .
  2. Click on Page Setup
  3. Click on the Paper tab
  4. Under Paper Size title, find and then click on Custom size
  5. Change the Width and the Height by manually typing it in (see below)

Width – 5.50″
Height – 8.5″

6. Under Preview sub-title make sure you set it to: Whole document

7.  Click Okay and then Save it.

8. Now you can Convert it to PDF.

9. Once you covert it just flip through it to make sure everything is in place.

10. Your document should now be ready to send to your printer.

You should be all set! Once your books come back from print sell LOTS of copies!

Sidenote: If you are printing a 6 x9 book just change the numbers by manually typing in “6” and “9” in the respective places under “width” and “height” and it will work.