In an article in Psychology Today Dr. Neil Farber said vision boards are for dreaming and action boards are for achieving. Now while I am all for “dreaming” and don’t like the bad rap that dreamers get, I am all for action and making things happen too, so in January, 2014 I created the first Vision + Action Board.

So I want to walk you through creating an awesome Vision + Action Board, something that includes your attainable goals, meaning nothing too far-fetched that you have great chances of putting in the work to achieve with “action” words that will motivate you with getting the dream to manifest.

For those who aren’t sure what a vision board is, it’s a collage of sorts on a poster board with images from magazines and other places. The goal is to bring together images that create a map that will get you where you’re supposed to be, based on what you were called to do and where you see yourself going or what you want to achieve, in a nutshell, what your goals are in life and purpose.

Before I ever started writing for magazines or being asked to contribute for articles I had a list of favorite magazines that I knew I’d one day appear in because they were connected to what I was called to do, teach on relationship and/or life in general. This year my vision + action board has a sketch of a shoe design, some fashion designs and the cover of several magazines that I’d like to be connected to before the end of the year. I believe it will happen because the scope of my purpose has shifted slightly, yet the root of what I’m doing has remained the same. Nevertheless I’m excited. And trust me, you don’t have to be an artist create a pretty or effective board. Just put your heart into it and watch what can happen.

You’ll need:

  • A stack of old magazines.I used several of my favorites Harper’s BAZAAR because I want to dress well Bon Appetit because I want to eat well and Veranda because I want to live well. These magazines ALWAYS have Images that I totally love. Feel free to choose whatever magazines you love though. Also don’t be afraid to open yourself up to new magazines that you aren’t familiar with and new things that may tie into your dreams.
  • A posterboard, cork board or small canvas. You can use anything for the backing of your vision board. It doesn’t have to be just posterboard. Some people use a frame and arrange the photos in the frame and that makes it perfect for hanging.
  • A sharp pair of scissors that is perfect for cutting out words, images.
  • A set of colorful markers.
  • A tacky glue stick.
  • Stickers with enough space to write your action words.
  • I recommend a photo of yourself so that you can not only envision the things that you desire to manifest but also envision yourself among the things you desire to manifest.

Step 1:

Find a quite place where you can be alone for an hour or two or more as you complete your vision board. This needs to be a place where you can either clip the images or if you have already clipped the images ahead of time, it can be the space where you’ll arrange everything. As you are in your space, allow the relaxing moment to be totally yours, put on your favorite music. Whether it’s raining, snowing or sunny outside, pull back the curtains, open the blinds and give yourself a good view of the world. Light a candle. As you reflect on what you want from your life remember that ANYTHING is possible. Begin by thinking about your favorite quote, scripture or belief that drives you. You may want to incorporate that into your Vision + Action Board somewhere.

Step 2:

The cutting of images or the arranging of images is the most important part. If part of your vision is to see yourself in a lasting and loving relationship then you’ll want to convey happiness in your images or a wedding, or a happy family, employment can be depicted by a beautiful woman or a handsome man sitting at a well organized desk. If you are running your own business and you have a desire to see your business soar or reach new levels you can position television cameras on your vision board or do like I’ve done, placed some of my favorite magazines on my vision boar. This is the most important part. As you go about arranging the images on your board or canvas there is no right or wrong way to do it, just feel out the images and let your vision guide you as to what images belong and which do not. It’s not about having the most images or filling up every single space, it’s about creating your own unique vision for yourself.

Step 3:

Next as you look at the images you’ve included on your vision + action board. Remember when I said in Step 1 that you needed to begin thinking about your favorite quote, scripture or belief that drives you to incorporate that into your Vision + Action Board somewhere? Well, dreamers, here is where you’ll incorporate it. Writing it across the top will definitely give it more impact and purpose, however, you can really put it wherever you like. The belief that drives your vision is KEY and should be tied to everything on your board (even loosely) in some way.

Step 4:

Now it’s time to add the ACTION to your dreams! Some people cut random words and phrases from magazines that remind them of the life they’re trying to achieve. I nixed that idea because I want you to be more purposeful and not attach random words, but rather develop an ACTION ITEM to each thing you want to achieve. So, take a moment. Add a sticker somewhere on each image. Take your colorful markers and write a word or a single ACTION that you will take to achieve this particular goal. This takes you out of “just dreaming” mode and helps make you “accountable” for assisting in manifesting your dream.

Your markers will come in handy for the next part too. Use the markers to decorate your board. Be creative. You can use stars, hearts, whatever you want.  As you can see it’s not very difficult to create a vision board. We’ve just created ACTION ITEMS for emphasis to make it a Vision + Action Board. You’ll want to place your vision board over your desk, in your bedroom or somewhere else where you’ll see it daily.

As you can see from my vision + action board photo above mine is still a work in progress. I want to make my key theme more bold. I”m toying with putting a liptstick print in the upper left hand corner to signify how passionate I am about what I’m doing and I need to get a photo of myself incorporated into the board as well as my “action items” tied into it as well. I”m excited to have some of my fashion designs with Drew Barrymore to signify “celebrity” tied to my designs, plans to our dream home in the upper right hand corner. I’m excited to hear about what your vision entails. Leave me a comment. I’d like to know where you’re going with yours. Here’s to reaching your goals this year dreamers!