“If you don’t have a budget have a seat.”

Meaning: Sit down and shut up!

I said that on a call one day and it resonated with so many people.

I wasn’t trying to be mean. However a lot of times when we don’t have money we blame everything and everybody else except ourselves.

The MAIN culprit of shoddy finances is money management. Unless someone else is in charge of managing your money, it’s your fault.

We all think, “If I had more money I’d be fine.” Truth is, people who make more and don’t have a budget and a clear map for where their money is going will mismanage money no matter how much they make.

So how do you sit down and start making a budget to see where you money is going?

1. Start with what you make or earn monthly. This can come from earnings from a job, coaching or streams of income. Just write it all down.

2. Make a list of your monthly bills, rent, recurring bills like cell phone, utilities and other things that you may have. Certainly groceries will be on that list as well. Don’t leave anything off. Whatever MUST get paid, needs to get paid.

3. I list my seeds and tithes too because although they vary as I’m led to sow, I sow them so they have to be included.

I find that just like dieting, when you write things down you can get a good look at what’s going on and assess what your spending truly looks like. Many people after calculating the necessities designate a portion of what’s leftover for savings (which is ALWAYS a good plan) and put some in the miscellaneous category too.

Remember, you’re not working just to pay bills. Save something, even if it’s just a little at first.

I journal every dime down to the penny that comes in every single month and you should too.

When you write it down this will make you more accountable with your money and that’s exactly what you want.

If you’d like to create a budget on something other than scrap paper a great place to start is with these 10 Free Personal Finance Downloads from Christian Personal Finance. It’s a very thorough site on finance.

Let me also share, don’t feel bad if you’re late in the game with budgeting. It’s better to get started now, than to never get started at all. So, congrats!