Business is such a broad term, however, you’d be surprised at how many people who operate businesses—who don’t really know how to run a business or grow a business effectively. There are those who openly beg and plead for business or provide such poor customer service that on the off chance that they do “get” a customer, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll keep them.

Many don’t understand that everything you do or say helps create an “image” that your business is projecting. You may think nothing of it, but that image that they have of your business is going to determine if they buy what you’re offering and recommend you to a friend or family member or ditch you the first chance they get.

Some in business don’t care. They count the sales and keep moving—plugging away for the almighty dollar. Those are the kinds of business people that tend to take it day by day instead of making a short term or long term “plan” for their business. Nevertheless, I wanted to provide you with 6 tips on How to Suck at Business. Here we go:

Do too much. When I say, “Doing to much” I mean, just have yourself all over the place. Start a lot of projects, but complete nothing. You want to keep yourself so busy that you forget business meetings, consultations calls and appointment with clients. Toy around on the social networks instead of focusing on your pending deadlines. Truth is, you have all day to get it done.

Make it hard for customers and clients to find you. You can do this. Don’t add an email address or website url to your business card, your Facebook account, your Twitter account, Google+ or Instagram, but pretend really hard that you’re using all of these methods to actually build your business and want to be successful.

Be poor at follow up and follow through. This one is easy. I mean, all you have to do pretty much is let emails sit in your inbox. Or you can read them and then click the button and select “unread” so that the message can “appear” new in your inbox so you don’t really have to deal with it “yet”. If a customer or colleague emails you asking a question, take your time getting back to them. After all, your time is VERY precious.

Badmouth others that do what you do in order to gain customers. Tell people how much better than so and so you are. Sure you’ll ruin your reputation among your colleagues and customers or clients alike, but you just got a shiny new invoice paid so who cares. You’ll worry about the backlash of all of that later.

Harass people to Like your Facebook page. That’s it. I mean GO HARD! You really want to force people to go to your fan page even if they aren’t your target audience or could care less what you’re doing. After all numbers are everything and you want to “appear” successful right. Oh, and don’t forget to do the same thing with your Twitter and Instagram too, harass, harass, harass!

Never invest. YOLO. You only live once! I mean, those shoes are on sale. You want them? Get them! Who cares that you need a banner for your business or new business cards, you’ll just write your email address down on the back of a flyer. Your products are so awesome it doesn’t even matter, right?

Don’t continue to learn. Stunt your own growth. Go on! Sure they’re hosting a free seminar or online conference, or maybe they even wrote a book on the subject and have been in business for 15 years, but, I mean, who are they to tell you anything about business? You’ve already started one. You’ll be just as fine in ten years as you are right this very moment—and still sucking at business.