Many people are probably scratching their heads right now thinking “What Economic Collapse?” Many are living in their own world, a bubble where nothing exists except Facebook friends, BBQ ribs and a prayer for more, more, more Lord. But in order to get more like I talk about in my book, “Bring Me Into A Wealthy Place” you have to be a good steward of what you have now and even more than that, be in tune with what the spirit of the Lord is saying about preparation for the months and years ahead.

In the wake of Greece’s debt crisis there are many in the United States of America that still don’t think the same kind of bank shut down can happen right here–leaving them with no access to their money and no ability to pay bills, buy food or flat out–live. Those who are wise have already begun preparing their lives, homes and finances for this collapse, but for those who haven’t, here are some things that you can put in place right now.

1. Pay off your debt. Debt is not your friend. Being in debt lessens the likelihood that you’ll be able to help yourself, your friends or family in a financial crisis. Debt is more about living beyond your means and as believers we need to assess what we need and differentiate that from the things we simply want that continuously get us into debt. I’d love to take a vacation or even a honeymoon, however, God instructed us to decrease all debt first. Obedience leads to financial freedom. If you’re never willing to sacrifice the things you want, then debt will probably always be camping on your doorstep.

2. Create a service that people will need or launch a business from home that has little or no overhead. When a collapse comes or is looming the next thing is massive layoffs. If you’re not financially prepared for a layoff–get in position by starting a business today. I normally ask people, if you got laid off do you have enough money in the bank to be okay? If so, for how long? If not, you need to get started discovering what God created you to do that will bring increase to your house. Something that isn’t reliant on whether or not an employer can keep their doors open and continue to pay you or not. Be your own boss and let God be your CEO.

3. Create book or manual that people will need during this time of crisis. Get my download that will assist you on how to make your book available here. Whether you are teaching single moms, dads, children or teens, what you know has value and you can keep at least a stream of income coming in no matter what.

Get more information in the Financial Collapse: A Survivor’s Guide Module 1 Download here.
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