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When the Lord spoke through an Apostle and told me that I’d be hosting live conferences, immediately I cringed and then I braced myself to walk in obedience. I had already hosted my first virtual business conference and that was right up my alley because there was nowhere to travel to and I didn’t have to leave the comfort of my home. But God wasn’t satisfied with that. He needed me to leave my comfort zone to take me where He desired for me to go. So I launched my first LIVE conference in April 2015. When we wrapped up the 3rd Annual Grow Your Dreams Conference in April, 2016–it was renamed the Grow Your Dreams Prophetic Business Conference and I tell you this: WHEN YOU ARE OBEDIENT THEY WILL COME.

Now of course I’m talking about a conference, but the same rules apply when you’re writing a book or launching a business too. If He is telling you to do it, you better believe that He is going to pique the attention of the people He is requiring to tap into whatever it is that you are doing. I didn’t end up on The Today Show all by myself. Honestly, it’s not for us to figure out, we just have to flow with God. And that’s what I did. And what was the outcome? Lives were transformed, people were infused and ignited in their purpose and they can’t stop talking about the events and are making plans to do it again each year. Why? Because when you are obedient, God handles all the extras.

What is God urging you to trust Him with today? The steady growth of your business? The increased sales of your book? The launch of your idea, product or service? How to reach your target audience? We serve a God of miracles and yes He could totally allow you to explode and become well-known overnight. However, oftentimes, there are things that He will need for you/us to do. Our job is to get quiet, sit at His feet and get those instructions and then diligently carry them out. Once you do that, He is responsible for the growth and success of what you’ve obediently planted. I urge you today, don’t stand watching barren ground, obediently plant something and then watch for His word to testify in your life.