Should Christian Entrepreneurs Observe the Sabbath?

There was a time that I would work 6 days a week non-stop. I’d spend the days sending invoices, writing articles, mapping out marketing strategies, staying engaged with those who were connected to me, tuning into webinars and podcasts to increase my learning and twiddle away promoting existing products. As if 6 days a week wasn’t good enough, sometimes I even booted up my computer on Sundays because I never quite seemed to get everything I wanted to accomplish, done. My husband had even commented more than once about how much time I spent on the computer. Part of me felt bad about working on Sundays, but I wasn’t necessarily bothered with not taking out a time to completely rest me: mind body and soul.

The truth was during that time when I was working at a ridiculous pace I was plagued with headaches, aches, pains, stomach issues and most of the time I was frustrated about something that wasn’t working out just the way I planned. Even before the new year 5777 began, I started reading up more on the Sabbath and what it was created to do for those who love God and would tap into its purpose. I vowed to observe Sabbath and not only give tithes and offerings (sowing seeds) but first fruits as well. Although many debate that we modern day Christians aren’t obligated to observe Sabbath, whichever side of the fence you fall on you need to know it has benefits, benefits that you don’t get if you don’t observe it.

Sabbath as referred to in Genesis 2:3 means to cease. God ceased from all the works He had created. The Sabbath was made a part of the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:8-11, it says, “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor, and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, you, or your son, or your daughter, your male servant, or your female servant, or your livestock, or the sojourner who is within your gates. For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.” Many people I know debate about whether Sabbath is Saturday or Sunday–I’m not here to clarify or debate that. I’m here to say that whatever day it is, should be a day of REST, not cooking, cleaning, running the dishwasher, becoming head of the car pool committee etc. Rest should be rest and leaning on God for that rest.

When I started observing Sabbath, I started reaping rewards from my rest immediately. What I wasn’t accomplishing by working my butt off 6 sometimes 7 days a week, I was now accomplishing with one less day. This happened because I was actually moving “me” out of the way and allowing God to work on my behalf when I unplugged from it all. What is ‘it all’? I mean, I wasn’t emailing clients, following up on invoices, updating bios, sending queries or engaging in any business practices or house duties either. As I mapped out meals for Saturday, vacuumed the carpet and ran my final load of dishes on Friday afternoon, I noticed with shock that the invoices that I spent 6 and sometimes 7 days every week following up on, were now being paid with ease and I knew that it was God Himself who was making sure of it as I rested and took my mind, hands and heart off of all work matters and let Him handle it. I also discovered that I’d return from Sabbath rest with new ideas that would flow continuously and my struggle to complete tasks had been greatly diminished if not eliminated in some areas. My health improved too: less frustration, less aches and pains which are all normally caused by the stress of trying to complete it all anyway.

Now I’m not saying you MUST take a Sabbath rest, if you choose to is between you and God, but what I am saying is that rest (beyond sleeping in a bed at night) has benefits and that even the most productive people who seem to be able to get by on 3 hours of sleep and still do it all,need rest. Rest refules your dreams, it regenerates your ideas and it amplifies your ability to receive from Heaven.

What God Needs You to Decree in the Marketplace


We are in the season of seeing what we’ve been praying, interceding and warring for come together. By now we all know that we see what we say. If you speak negative you will not only kill your seeds, but you also put the progress you’ve made through prayer in jeopardy. I shared in a recent prayer call that God desires for us to see His presence in all things because He wants us to WIN! What He requires more than anything, however, is obedience to accomplish that task.

Making decrees on your business and in the marketplace could make the difference between losing and winning or being in the red or being in the black!

So here are the 3 things the Lord is leading me to tell Entrepreneurs to DECREE in the marketplace:

1. Forward Momentum, No Retreat. Everything God loves the enemy hates. That means if you are writing books for God, launching products from dreams, visions and other access portals that the Lord uses to download ideas into you, if you are providing a service that will benefit believers–the enemy will not let that be smooth sailing. He will try to discourage you, dry up your funds so you can’t produce what God says and he will even try to divert interest away from your customer base to the point you’ll wonder why God gave you the idea in the first place. That’s why you must not be reactive, you must be pro-active and make decrees so that you aren’t trusting in what you “see” but rather what God “says” and is so. God will meet you at the place of your belief. So, believe it and decree what you believe!

DECREE: I will move past every obstacle sent to sabotage, hinder or halt my success with SUPERNATURAL ease!

DECREE: I remain in demand with my clients and customers and everything the Lord has given me to produce WILL SELL and make continuous deposits in my bank account!

2. Strategic Partnerships. God has always guided me to my partnerships. I watch people, so, even when I have to idea to partner with someone, He has me pray, then decide what I want and then listen to what He’s saying about the matter. What He’s saying is the KEY ingredient. His perfect partnerships aren’t based on connecting with the most popular people or even the fact that you prayed with someone 3 weeks in a row and now they’re the ideal partner. Partnerships are developed to birth out greater. Partnerships must have a degree of expertise that each party brings to the table that will make the idea better in some way. And even when God has been clear on who to partner with, it’s still about timing. His timing is important.

DECREE: I decree that every partnership I have will accomplish record number success and give us unprecedented influence throughout the land.

DECREE: My partnerships never fail because together we seek first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness, so increase, influence, favor and more are added unto us.

3. Love. You can’t do anything successfully without love. God is love. Don’t just create your products with love–loose love on everything you produce, everyone who will ever come in contact with it firsthand or second hand. When you do this you are assigning everything you’ve created, everything you offer and even those God ideas that aren’t quite produced and ready for sale yet to look like Him. When God is all over it–it becomes contagious.

DECREE: My products and services are bathed in love and look like God, therefore doors shall open for them in the media and the marketplace to reach billions.

DECREE: I shall not be limited to my circle of influence. What I produce will reach beyond the United States and go throughout the countries of the earth and everywhere God needs them to go to change lives and achieve success.

Don’t forget, make your decrees, believe what you’re saying, carry on and sell well!

Emergency Preparedness Item Checklist


When it comes to preparation many people wonder: What do I include? Where do I start. How much do I need to have?

As I shared in Economic Collapse: A Survivor’s Guide Module 1, Module 2 and Module 3 many of us have never lived through a disaster.

I’ve made a shortlist of items with direct links that you’ll need to stock up on so that in the midst of a hurricane or other disaster, you are fully prepared.

The Luminaid Inflatable Light was seen on Shark Tank. This solar powered floatable device is bright and perfect for outdoor and even indoor use and never needs a battery.

The Luminaid Lantern was seen on Shark Tank too. This lantern version of the solar powered floatable device is bright and perfect for outdoor and even indoor use too and it also never needs a battery.

Salt Water Converter converts up to 6 quart of salt water to drinkable water per day.

Water BOB Storage stores 100 gallons of water and keeps it fresh for 12 weeks. This is the easiest way to keep emergency drinking water on stand by. This can be filled up from the kitchen or any other tap.

Non-GMO Survival Vegetable Seeds are quick growing and an easy way to start gardening quality vegetable. Includes a variety of quality vegetables including Zucchini Dark Green, Lettuce Buttercrunch Butterhead, Bell Pepper California Wonder, Onion Evergreen Bunching, Cantaloupe Hales Best Jumbo and more.

40 Day Organic Food Supply. In case of emergency you don’t have to change your eating habits if you’re on an organic diet. This food supply is chock full of organic foods that are simple to prepare. It touts itself for being the ONLY CERTIFIED ORGANIC, NON-GMO Grab & Go Food Storage on the market.

275 Day Food Supply (perfect for families). In case of emergency stock up with a variety of food including Cheesy Rice Casserole/Veggie Alfredo/Hearty Potato Soup/Italian Tomato Pasta/Black Bean Burger/Tortilla Soup/Multigrain Cereal/Brown Sugar Oatmeal and more.

SAS Safety Gas Mask. For over 30 years, SAS Safety Corporation has been manufacturing products and equipment designed to make workplaces safer. This mask has a wide viewing area offering distortion free visibility and optical clarity and easily converts to supplied-air respirator without the aid of tools. Uses replaceable cartridges.

SAS Safety Replaceable Gas Mask Cartridges are approved for organic vapors.

Millennium Energy Bars are quick and easy rations whether you are stationary or on the go. A total of 14400 Calories in 36 individually wrapped 400-calories flavor portions.

All in One Urban Survival Kit for 4 People is equipped for earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and standard emergency preparedness. Includes Emergency Sleeping Bags (three times the coverage as space blankets), Emergency Ponchos, 24HR Body Warmers, Tube Tent, Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool & Solar Radio / LED Flashlight / Phone Charger, Esbit Pocket Stove – Stainless Steel Cup/Pot – Fuel – Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Packs and more.

Want to custom make your own FOOD RATION BARS like I did? Click here.

Don’t forget to download my Economic Collapse: A Survivor’s Guide Module 1, Module 2 and Module 3. Many of us have never ever lived through a disaster–just be prepared!

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How You Can Survive the Coming Economic Collapse


Many people are probably scratching their heads right now thinking “What Economic Collapse?” Many are living in their own world, a bubble where nothing exists except Facebook friends, BBQ ribs and a prayer for more, more, more Lord. But in order to get more like I talk about in my book, “Bring Me Into A Wealthy Place” you have to be a good steward of what you have now and even more than that, be in tune with what the spirit of the Lord is saying about preparation for the months and years ahead.

In the wake of Greece’s debt crisis there are many in the United States of America that still don’t think the same kind of bank shut down can happen right here–leaving them with no access to their money and no ability to pay bills, buy food or flat out–live. Those who are wise have already begun preparing their lives, homes and finances for this collapse, but for those who haven’t, here are some things that you can put in place right now.

1. Pay off your debt. Debt is not your friend. Being in debt lessens the likelihood that you’ll be able to help yourself, your friends or family in a financial crisis. Debt is more about living beyond your means and as believers we need to assess what we need and differentiate that from the things we simply want that continuously get us into debt. I’d love to take a vacation or even a honeymoon, however, God instructed us to decrease all debt first. Obedience leads to financial freedom. If you’re never willing to sacrifice the things you want, then debt will probably always be camping on your doorstep.

2. Create a service that people will need or launch a business from home that has little or no overhead. When a collapse comes or is looming the next thing is massive layoffs. If you’re not financially prepared for a layoff–get in position by starting a business today. I normally ask people, if you got laid off do you have enough money in the bank to be okay? If so, for how long? If not, you need to get started discovering what God created you to do that will bring increase to your house. Something that isn’t reliant on whether or not an employer can keep their doors open and continue to pay you or not. Be your own boss and let God be your CEO.

3. Create book or manual that people will need during this time of crisis. Get my download that will assist you on how to make your book available here. Whether you are teaching single moms, dads, children or teens, what you know has value and you can keep at least a stream of income coming in no matter what.

Get more information in the Financial Collapse: A Survivor’s Guide Module 1 Download here.
Get Module 2 here and Module 3 here.

If you have additional ideas feel free to add them in the comment section.

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