Recommended Reading for Deliverance

Unshakeable: Dismantle Stana’s Plan to Destroy Your Foundation by John Eckhardt

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My goal was to compile a list of HIGHLY recommended deliverance books. Why? Because if you are in “any type” of bondage you cannot obtain clarity, ample provision or hear God’s voice to follow through, follow instructions and obtain wealth. Unshakeable was at the top of that list. From the first chapter I knew that Unshakeable would transform lives. Oftentimes Christians aren’t aware of what’s got them in a holding pattern in life, so, they never get a breakthrough. If you desire to dismantle the enemy’s plan for your life and walk in freedom–order a copy.

Unshakeable is a teaching unlike any other from best-selling author John Eckhardt on breaking the most binding, demonic force: double-mindedness. Through this powerful book you will develop a firm, Christlike identity that will not be easily shaken by this world. You will learn how to overcome the manifestations of double-mindedness that result in: Broken marriages and divorce, indecision and passivity, bitterness and anger, hurt and offense, fear and rejection, spiritually rooted sickness and disease and much more! | WATCH HIS VIDEO ON MASS DELIVERANCE HERE.


The Bondage Breaker: Overcoming Negative Thoughts, Irrational Feelings, Habitual Sins by Neil T. Anderson

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I read The Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson to break stuff off of my own life and I recommend it to each and every person that I come in contact with.  We all have negative thoughts, irrational feelings and habitual sins that stunt our growth and hinder us from being all that we can be. But this meaty book gets to the heart of the matter and helps the reader conquer exactly what ails them.

Featuring a new introduction by Neil T. Anderson, this freshly re–covered edition of his bestselling book The Bondage Breaker (more than 1.2 million copies sold) leads readers away from the shadows and shackles in their lives and toward the freedom that comes when they realize they have the right to be free, confront the power of Satan, fight the temptation to do it their way, trade deception for grace, affirm their identity in Christ. Neil Anderson ultimately helps people break negative thought patterns, control irrational feelings, and break out of the bondage of sinful behavior. Those struggling will discover how to embrace the promise of Jesus to win the spiritual battles that confront them.


The Oh Lord, Forgive Them: 30 Days of Praying for Your Enemies by Zari Banks M.Ed

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I’ve been through O Lord, Forgive Them: 30 Days of Praying for Your Enemies 3 times and am ready to dive in for the 4th time. Why? Because forgiveness is HUGE with God and if it matters to Him then it matters to me and it should matter to all of us. Going through this book I’m able to pray and allow God to uncover areas that I’ve hidden or need to deal with and present to Him. It’s a great tool to make sure that you’re where you need to be in terms of forgiveness. Forgiveness isn’t about just forgetting and putting it out of your mind, it’s truly about letting go and allowing God to heal the hurt and allow love to replace it.

O Lord, Forgive Them: 30 Days of Praying for Your Enemies is a devotional that guides believers in obtaining supernatural freedom and the power to move mountains with the unwavering faith that develops as a result of obedience to God’s commands.


Possessing Your Healing: Taking Authority Over Sickness in Your Life  by Kynan Bridges

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Need deliverance from sickness? In all my years of receiving teaching on healing and believing for healing Pastor Bridges touched on many things that I didn’t quite consider and things that truly pulled me deeper into the word of God. This book truly got to the heart of the matter when it comes to healing and I truly recommend it to anyone who is suffering or knows anyone who is suffering in their body in any form or fashion, be it a new occurrence or a recurring thing. I saw Pastor Bridges on Sid Roth and even before then I had been following his ministry. He definitely is being used by the Father to set the captives free in this hour.

Possessing Your Healing—Taking Authority over Sickness in Your Life challenges the religious constructs that prevent people from walking in their healing. “Sacred cows” are examined that may be hindering the flow of the power of God in your life. You will be challenged, encouraged, enlightened—and most of all, you will be blessed when you use the practical keys to unlock God’s promise of healing for born-again believers. Because of the lack of manifestation of healing in people’s lives and the hopelessness that sickness produces, people have judged God as unfaithful; they do not see God as their Healer, their personal Great Physician—yet that is exactly what He is. Possessing Your Healing is not written especially for ministers or people involved in healing ministry—it simply gives every believer the basic principles of the New Covenant and shows how everyone can enter into the reality of healing. This book teaches you how to be healed!

Breaking Soul Ties: How to Take Your Whole Heart When Love is Over

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Breaking Soul Ties
Originally available as an online course, Breaking Soul Ties was formatted in ebook and paperback form to reach the masses of believers who are unaware of the ties that bind them in the spirit realm and prevent them from finding love or from ever having a relationship that works the way God intended. The truth is, God doesn’t want us leaving pieces of our hearts in old relationships. He want us to take our whole heart with us when the love is over so that He can make us whole, but a fragmented soul or a tie to someone can prevent that. If you’re tried everything you can and can’t seem to stop calling, texting, letting him or her come over and it seems like you’re on a crazy relationship roller coaster, you probably have a soul tie. It’s time to get free–NOW and Breaking Soul Ties: How to Take Your Whole Heart With You When Love is Over will show you how!

Pigs In The Parlog: The Practical Guide To Deliverance

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Pigs in the Parlor
I highly recommend Pigs in the Parlor: The Practical Guide To Deliverance by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond. It covered a variety of topics from How Demons Enter and How to Minister to Children to Self-Deliverance and Seven Steps For Retaining Deliverance, but it also centered squarely on deliverance and the need for it. I learned a great deal about the nature of demons and how they’d rather do anything except come out of a person and how ministers of deliverance need to be delivered so that they can grab hold of their full authority when ministering deliverance to others. The thing that saddens me, however, is that the body of Christ is full of so much erroneous teaching that many people will never get free because they are taught that demons and/or witchcraft cannot touch them and they value the opinions of their Pastors and leaders more than God. If you ask Holy Spirit you will get the TRUE revelation, not doctrine or denomination teaching. No matter WHAT you are going through, you can be FREE. Get this book.

Fighting for Deliverance

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Pigs in the Parlor
I highly recommend Fighting for Deliverance by Idemudia Guobadia. It should be a staple on every believer’s bookshelf. It covers the essentials of overcoming in spiritual warfare as well as why spiritual warfare is necessary to break anything that hinders our lives and the lives of those we love. I love the prayers at the end of the chapter that you can pray for deliverance and remain delivered. There are also prayers against forces that oppose marriage and also prayers for habitual sins of our ancestors like lust–and the prayers assist with breaking free. You can not adequately understand warfare without reading this book. This Pastor is SKILLED in the truth.

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