People wonder how I accomplish so much.

Simply put, I don’t just talk about it, I do it.

How do I do it? I set goals.

Setting goals isn’t as hard as people think.

Simply put you follow these simple steps:

Decide. Think of something you want to do or work towards and focus on it. Get it in your head (mind) and heart that you’re going to accomplish it. But don’t stop there. Follow the next steps.

Write it down. The KEY to goals is writing it down. Writing it down gives you a visual reminder to see on a daily basis.

Tell someone. Telling someone you know about your goals increases the likelihood that you’ll stick to them. The person you tell will more than likely serve as a audible reminder i.e. “How’s it going with those goals you’ve set?” You’ll probably be able to bounce ideas off of them and get feedback from them as well.

Break your goal down. When you break your goals down into smaller goals also makes the task of reaching your goals not seems so daunting. If your goal is to save $1000 then making a goal of saving $10 every week is more doable than looking at the big picture of saving the entire lump sum of $1000. If your goal is to write a book, commit to one single chapter every month which will amount to a few pages every other day or so.

Plan your first step. When do you plan to start with the first small goal? Set a date. Is it realistic? Does it give you enough time to plan and get everything you need to get going? Remember, setting goals that are realistic gives you a better chance on getting out of the gate with what you want to accomplish and won’t set you up for failure.

Celebrate. Celebrating your small victories and accomplishments along the way give you the motivation to keep going and pushing towards the mark of completion. Remember, you CAN do it!

Ready? Set. Goals!