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We are in the season of seeing what we’ve been praying, interceding and warring for come together. By now we all know that we see what we say. If you speak negative you will not only kill your seeds, but you also put the progress you’ve made through prayer in jeopardy. I shared in a recent prayer call that God desires for us to see His presence in all things because He wants us to WIN! What He requires more than anything, however, is obedience to accomplish that task.

Making decrees on your business and in the marketplace could make the difference between losing and winning or being in the red or being in the black!

So here are the 3 things the Lord is leading me to tell Entrepreneurs to DECREE in the marketplace:

1. Forward Momentum, No Retreat. Everything God loves the enemy hates. That means if you are writing books for God, launching products from dreams, visions and other access portals that the Lord uses to download ideas into you, if you are providing a service that will benefit believers–the enemy will not let that be smooth sailing. He will try to discourage you, dry up your funds so you can’t produce what God says and he will even try to divert interest away from your customer base to the point you’ll wonder why God gave you the idea in the first place. That’s why you must not be reactive, you must be pro-active and make decrees so that you aren’t trusting in what you “see” but rather what God “says” and is so. God will meet you at the place of your belief. So, believe it and decree what you believe!

DECREE: I will move past every obstacle sent to sabotage, hinder or halt my success with SUPERNATURAL ease!

DECREE: I remain in demand with my clients and customers and everything the Lord has given me to produce WILL SELL and make continuous deposits in my bank account!

2. Strategic Partnerships. God has always guided me to my partnerships. I watch people, so, even when I have to idea to partner with someone, He has me pray, then decide what I want and then listen to what He’s saying about the matter. What He’s saying is the KEY ingredient. His perfect partnerships aren’t based on connecting with the most popular people or even the fact that you prayed with someone 3 weeks in a row and now they’re the ideal partner. Partnerships are developed to birth out greater. Partnerships must have a degree of expertise that each party brings to the table that will make the idea better in some way. And even when God has been clear on who to partner with, it’s still about timing. His timing is important.

DECREE: I decree that every partnership I have will accomplish record number success and give us unprecedented influence throughout the land.

DECREE: My partnerships never fail because together we seek first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness, so increase, influence, favor and more are added unto us.

3. Love. You can’t do anything successfully without love. God is love. Don’t just create your products with love–loose love on everything you produce, everyone who will ever come in contact with it firsthand or second hand. When you do this you are assigning everything you’ve created, everything you offer and even those God ideas that aren’t quite produced and ready for sale yet to look like Him. When God is all over it–it becomes contagious.

DECREE: My products and services are bathed in love and look like God, therefore doors shall open for them in the media and the marketplace to reach billions.

DECREE: I shall not be limited to my circle of influence. What I produce will reach beyond the United States and go throughout the countries of the earth and everywhere God needs them to go to change lives and achieve success.

Don’t forget, make your decrees, believe what you’re saying, carry on and sell well!