How to Steward Your Influence

Are you usable and sendable? Many of us say, “Lord, send me! Lord, use me!” But you must be usable and sendable. That means you have to live a life that makes it less about you and ALL about God. Here are other ways to “Stewarding Your Influence.” WATCH THE VIDEO!

How To Let Your Vision Catch Fire

God wants your vision to catch fire. He predestined you before the foundations of the world to walk in this gift, purpose and passion. Let me share with you the revelation that He gave me concerning being on “watch” and “How to Let Your Vision Catch Fire.” Let Him purge your ideas with FIRE! WATCH THE VIDEO!

My Mac Corrupted Files Testimony

My computer was down the entire month of July. It just wouldn’t boot. It’s almost 5 years old and it’s a 27″ desktop Mac. I back up my files pretty routinely too, but there were some book files I wasn’t 100% sure I had on my external drive. One afternoon while I was napping the Lord gave me a dream and in it my computer booted (I saw it) and I was able to see the files but was having trouble accessing them.

Fast forward to yesterday when I arrived at the Apple Store–the Genius Bar took a look at my computer and the guy helping me said he wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get my files back–he and tried several things to access the files to no avail. The minute he said that I rejected that thought and started praying and laid hands on the side of the computer. You know what happened next right?

Just like in my dream I was able to see the files. My terabyte external drive was at home so hubby purchased a zip and the tech began transferring the folders and files I needed. When he got to the folder I needed most (over 1000 files in there probably) there was an error. In that folder was the latest version of every book I’d ever written. I began praying again.

The tech said, “Okay!” He had located the ONE corrupt file that was preventing all of the GOOD files from saving to the zip (there’s a lesson in that and a sermon too) and he deleted it. All the files transferred over perfectly, no glitches and no error–HALLELUJAH! I praise God for the victory. I thank Him for Kord’s help at the Genius Bar and am grateful that I’m a passive income coach because when you set up passive income streams you keep earning whether you have a functioning computer or not! Father thank you!

Tapping Into The Millionaire In Me

True story: I kept trying to post this article on 7 Powerful Habits of A Self Made Millionaire on my fan page and for some reason Facebook wouldn’t pull up the image that has on the article. It kept pulling up “MY” picture instead. I started to get a bit annoyed after trying to post it 3 or 4 times and then I heard Holy Spirit whisper to me: LOOK. I looked at the title of the article and my picture and made the connection of me and “millionaire”. All I could say is, “I receive it Father!”

Here’s what else I learned:

1. God wants me to be RICH. Not just where money is concerned, but He wants me to have a rich spiritual life and a rich body with my health not caving in to the common ailments in the land. All I have to do to receive it is to know what His word says, and learn how to activate what His word says. He wants this for you too!

2. He will give us a plan to get wealth if we put down so much of the “stuff” that is really clutter and keeps us too busy to realize how little we’re accomplishing and instead dedicate time to communing with Him. In His presence is where you’ll find the best secrets and download your most prized products and services too. I know I have gotten inventions and business ideas just sitting at His feet. They were falling like ripe apples from trees.

3. He assists me so that I can assist others. He really does. My business is about helping others birth their books, businesses, products and ideas, so, if I didn’t have anyone to help, sure He could still steer me into another lane, but my perfect fit is helping people, whether it’s through books, products or services I love sharing what I know.

Check out the habits I was trying to share via this link.